Hanabu Pillow Set

Brand:: Hanabu

We strive to bring a bit of magic to your home and to create a cozy nook that both your baby and yourself will love from the very first sight.

Colorful and playful pillows will change a simple space or an ordinary piece of furniture into something very special. You can have it to go together with your teepee tent so that it is even more cozy. You can also place it in your favourite armchair and enjoy whenever you need a little bit of rest. Or why don’t you have it in your little one’s bed and make those goodnight bed stories last forever? 

Every single design from Hanabu collection is hand-made and absolutely unique. We pay great attention to detail and to best-quality materials used.

This set consists of three soft, beautifully shaped and all dressed up in magical patterns pillows.


Patterned cotton (100%) with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Anti-allergic silicone filling.

Dimensions (+/- 1cm)

Pillow Star:

Height: 46cm

Width: 46cm

Pillow Square:

Height: 38cm

Width: 38cm

Pillow Roller:

Height: 13cm

Width: 38cm

Please note: The pillow filling is permanent so hand wash or delicate machine wash at 30ºC is recommended.

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